Acupuncture and Related Therapies

The first question people often ask us is: "How will you diagnose and treat my problem and what are the therapies involved in acupuncture?"

Diagnostic Methods

The answer is first we begin with a combination of diagnostic methods in order to figure out your what is causing your health concern and exactly how to fix it.  These methods include both traditional Chinese medical and modern western medical ones as needed.  Once we have diagnosis we can move on to treatment.  You can learn more about Chinese medical diagnosis by clicking here.

Treatment Methods and Techniques

When it comes to the treatment part of your visit, it is not uncommon to receive a combination of different types of therapies to make your treatments more effective. By utilizing multiple treatment methods we are able to maximize benefits for our patients. 

Our treatment plan for you might include any of the following methods:

acupuncture, boulder

Acupuncture - The most common treatment method we prescribe for patients is acupuncture, when done right, can be a powerful tool in helping you heal from your health concerns. 

Electro-acupuncture - This is a highly beneficial method of working with acupuncture treatments to increase results.  This is especially valuable for musculoskeletal pain and injuries.  The methods that we use are highly influenced by a modern research understanding of the body's biochemistry and nervous system function.

Laser-needle acupuncture  -Based on traditional needle acupuncture methods this blending of modern science and traditional methods is a good way to treat patients afraid of needles.

Dry Needling Acupuncture - Being made popular by chiropractors and physical therapists, this traditional acupuncture technique is something we might use for musculo-skeletal disorders.

Acupuncture Injection Therapies - Injection therapies are only available by trained and licensed acupuncturists in our state.  This highly advanced technique is generally not any more painful than acupuncture and can provide more rapid results when properly used in the right situation.

Anodyne Infra-red Therapy - Is a powerful piece of modern technology that can add power to your acupuncture treatments by greatly improving circulation.

Chinese Herbal Medicine -  The use of customize and personalized herbal prescriptions can add a lot of power to a treatment since it builds off of the momentum created by the acupuncture, and keeps it going as during the treatment regime.

Tuina Massage  - As a part of our treatment plans, particularly when people are sensitive to needles or need more massage work as part of their protocol. Tuina is also a very effective way of treating children.

Cupping treatments/myofascial decompression - You might have seen the temporary signs of this on many of the athletes if you watched the 2016 Summer Olympics.  This is another useful treatment method for muscular pain and tension.

Gua Sha Scraping Therapy (sometimes called Graston Technique) - Similar to cupping in its treatment uses we might apply Gua Sha as well.

Moxa Treatments -  A powerful non-needle/non-invasive methods for getting some of the similar effects to acupuncture.

Dietary therapy -  Lifestyle change can help us greatly enhance our treatment results. Food is not unlike medicine and can have a powerful effect on the body, just ask people with allergies to foods, or see how easy it is to put weight on by eating junk food.

Qigong. Qigong is a much researched form of exercise/meditation from China. Similar to Yoga in many ways Qigong has been shown to provide many health benefits. To learn more about any of these theories click on the word.


The goal of an acupuncturist is to look for the root of a problem and fix that. The question in an acupuncturist's mind is always, "where is this problem coming from?" Once that is identified, then we help the body fix that, and not just the symptom. Click here to learn more about a few of the most common problems that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine can treat.

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