Online Resources and Store

We constantly get asked by patients about different resources they can access themselves. What books we recommend, meditation CDs, recipes, tea etc. This page has a good bunch of resources that we think are great places for patients to start in their quest for self education and healing.

Supplement Store

Follow this link to take you to our secure, online supplement store to find the best quality supplements.  We have all of the best brands.  All of our patients are able to get special prices to save money.

Click here to get to our Fullscript store.

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Video, Audio, & E-Book Self-care Courses

Chinese Essence Qigong Seminar recording.  This is a great form that is both powerful and easy to use.  To learn more click here.

Chinese medical organ systems.  This group of mini-courses are designed to help you understand your organ systems from the Chinese medical point of view.  It includes some acupoints, stretches, and foods to aid in the health of these systems.  To learn more click here.

The Drug Drain.  This short program will introduce you to how medications may affect our body's nutrition. We will discuss different drugs and which nutrients they can deplete as well as some dietary solutions.  To learn more click here.

Recommended Books and Products


For raising healthier kids.

What science says about Chinese medicine.

If you are interested in TCM theory

Healthy diet according to TCM

An interesting book about food quality

Lifestyle and Home Health

The Muse Meditation Device. Make meditation easier and more effective.

The Real Ease Neck traction device.  This is the same one we use in the clinic.

This is an assortment of the very popular teas that we serve including the Pu-er Chocolate tea.

Chrysanthemum and goji berry tea for eye health and vision support.