Why Turn to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Help?

As westerners, this is a reasonable question considering that we have a highly developed and fully functioning medical system in place. Western medicine is something most of us grew up with and are therefore comfortable with. We appreciate its availability, the fact that it is regulated and we like knowing, for most part, what we can expect from our doctors and our treatment. Considering that, why would we choose a new/foreign type of medicine that we know very little about?

Simply put – because it works! Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offers numerous benefits that cannot be found in the western model. As a comprehensive medicine, practitioners are trained to diagnose and treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit. The intake and assessment process is very extensive and includes not just one’s health history but looks at diet, lifestyle; both personal & professional, exercise habits, and one’s emotional & psychological health. Patterns of disharmony and ill health exist within the complexities of the total person and all aspects must be addressed in order to properly assess and treat the presenting health problems.

This approach is vastly different from western doctors who primarily “specialize” in one modality and consequently, focus on isolating symptoms and diseases to their smallest piece and then treat it with pharmaceuticals or surgery.

While most pharmaceuticals can be effective, they are also expensive and often cause detrimental side effects. In comparison, Chinese herbal remedies are inexpensive and have very few side effects; none of them life threatening. In addition, Chinese herbal formulas are customized for each individual for the highest efficacy and are easily adjusted if need be. Another benefit is that Chinese herbs can be used in conjunction with pharmaceuticals and often the combination of the two yields more effective and faster results. However, it is recommended that a licensed acupuncturist be consulted before taking any herbs in conjunction with other medications to safeguard against any adverse reactions or possible negative interactions.

Acupuncture balances the body’s energy systems; mentally, emotionally and physically, and in doing so there are tremendous secondary benefits that are reaped from treatment. Stress reduction is notable in most patients whether or not this is the focus as a primary treatment. Whether this is a result of treatment itself or is brought about by an environment that includes relaxing music, a quiet room, time to oneself and the nurturing attention and care from the practitioner; the end result is a welcome benefit. Restoring harmony within the physical body can spill over into the emotional body lessening depression and anxiety resulting in an enhanced feeling of well-being. Receiving acupuncture is an interactive experience in that the practitioner and patient work together as a team throughout the treatment process. It is very refreshing to be acknowledged, validated and included in one’s health care and that alone is healing and empowering!!

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