The Mission of Mountain West Wellness Acupuncture

The first part of our mission is to help as many people as possible to become healthy without the unnecessary use of drugs and surgeries using Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

The second part of our mission is to spread acupuncture and Chinese medicine as widely as possible. We do this by treating patients, by speaking and teaching publicly about Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and by teaching student practitioners. You can learn more about our philanthropic work by clicking here.

We understand also that many people needing care may be fearful or sensitive with to the use of needles and acupuncture treatment and thus may not be willing to undergo treatment and continue suffering.

The way we have chosen to fulfill our mission is by adhering to guiding principles of giving treatment and clinic operations.

1. Be Present We schedule only the number of people and cases that we can be there for. We NEVER overbook our clinic.

2. Be Dedicated We promise to do whatever we need to do to help people get healthy and continue to sharpen our skills in diagnosis and treatment.

3. Be Genuine We only recommend the treatments needed and never recommend more than is needed. We never perform treatments that we wouldn't want for ourselves and families.

4. Be Accepting We gauge our success not just in people getting better and the quality of our acupuncture treatments, but also in the quality of our relationships with our patients.

5. Be Responsible We will always use the best supplies, needles, equipment, and office policies when interacting with patients.

In addition we do everything to help make treatment affordable by accepting credit cards, and offering payment plans as payment options.

To learn more about our office or to schedule an appointment please feel free to contact us .