Education Opportunities for Practitioners

The following are some of the various ways that practitioners can learn more from Dr. Jack.

Mentorship Opportunities

There are a few opportunities to receive mentorship with Dr. Jack.  These include single virtual mentorships to receive coaching or case consultation all the way to his two year in person mentorship.  For more information and to apply please email the office at:

Seminar Schedule:

Currently there are no seminars scheduled due to COVID 19.

Video Lectures

Teachings available through E Lotus.

Chinese Medicine and Daoist Publications

A Multi-Level Channel Model for Treating Bi-Impediment Syndromes with Acupuncture

The acupuncture treatment of bi-impediment syndromes can be greatly enhanced by using a model of diagnosis and treatment that includes channels other than the primary channels. In most bi-impediment syndromes the pathogen actually resides in the superficial minute luo-connecting vessels (fuluo), luo-connecting vessels (luomai) and sinew channels (jingjin) rather than the primary channels (jingmai). Each of the various layers of the channel system (jingluo) should be treated with a strategy that is specific to its depth, anatomy and unique functions. Most modern acupuncture tends to focus almost exclusively on the use of the primary channels for the treatment of diseases, including bi-impediment. In some circumstances this is inappropriate, and can mean ineffective treatment or even a worsening of the disease. Classical texts such as the Huangdi Neijing Suwen (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon Plain Questions), Huangdi Neijing Lingshu (Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon Spiritual Axis) and the Nanjing (Classic of Difficulties) provide techniques and strategies that can be used to treat the various channel layers. In the experience of the author, applying the theory of these various channel layers in diagnosis and treatment improves clinical results in the acupuncture treatment of bi-syndromes.

Available here via the Journal of Chinese Medicine.

The Treatment of Low Back Pain Using Classical Needle Techniques Combined With Modern Motor Points

Acupuncture is an ever-evolving treatment method, with thousands of years of clinical practice in which practitioners have always worked to improve their knowledge of the body, disease processes and treatment methods. This paper presents a clinically effective strategy that integrates the theories of the sinew channels (jing jin) and needling methods from the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic) with modern knowledge of myofascial anatomy and motor points. Although this strategy is framed in this article in terms of the treatment of low back pain, it can effectively be applied to other parts of the body.

Available here via the Journal of Chinese Medicine

Lurking Pathogens Three Modern Approaches

Published in The Lantern 2007 with Charles Chace and Jason Blalack presented two case records representing different perspectives on the modern application of lurking pathogens. Here is a PDF of this article.

Daoist Morning and Evening Altar Recitation translations translated with Josh Paynter, this is a translation of the texts chanted at Daoist temples all across China morning and evening.

Daoist Noon Altar Recitations: Sanguan Jing  Translated with Josh Paynter, this is another of the main scriptures recited at Daoist Temples all across the world at noon every day. 

The Northern Dipper Scripture: The Perfected Scripture of the Upmost Profoundly Numinous Northern Dipper That Prolongs Life and Affects Fundamental Destiny.  Translated with Josh Paynter, this is another of the main scriptures recited at Daoist Temples all across the world at noon on many important days. 


Daoist Education

You can learn more about studying Daoism through our non-profit community organization called Parting Clouds Daoist Education.