Moxa Treatments

Moxabustion therapy, often just called "moxa" therapy is a traditional method of stimulating acupuncture points without the use of needles. Instead, heat, various herbs, or herb tinctures are applied to an area of the body. The area may be as large as a whole shoulder or knee or as small as a single acupuncture point.

The most common herb used is called mugwort, a plant from the chrysanthemum family. However, there are many other herbs, herb combinations, and tinctures that are used.

Moxa therapy is used by an acupuncturist to treat many different kinds of illnesses, and disorders. We commonly use it to treat arthritis and pain, fatigue, digestive disorders, and even to strengthen your body's immune system. This centuries old therapy can be an important part of your health-care regime.

In our clinic we also use several heat therapies that are non-smoke producing.  Instead we use infra-red heat lamps, TDP infra-red lamps, hydrocolator moist heat packs, and Anodyne infra-red treatments.

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