Tuina and Acupressure Massage

Tuina is a form of traditional massage based on Chinese medical theories. Tuina is often combined with other methods of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, cupping, moxa, etc. This unique method of body-work has many similarities to what many of us know as massage here in the west. However, tuina as we practice it here at Mountain West Wellness, includes acupressure techniques and body energy movement techniques that have an effect similar to that of acupuncture. As a treatment method tuina also includes the use of specific exercises to improve a patient's healing. One advantage that tuina has over many western massage systems is in it's focus on specific problems. Tuina methods are not only useful for muscular and skeletal problems, but they can be very useful for internal disorder. These techniques are often used to replace acupuncture in sensitive people and children.

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