Chinese Dietary Therapy

Daily it seems like we are buzzed with some sort of diet information. There a so many diet gurus promoting a different book or trick to losing weight. What Chinese medicine has to offer with regard to diet is quite different.

A practitioner of Chinese medicine looks at food a little differently than a western medical doctor. Rather than just seeing food as a block of calories, vitamins, fats, etc we see it also in an energetic way. We see food as medicine not unlike herbs. We pay attention to temperatures and energetic principles of foods.

What a practitioner of Chinese medicine does with your diet is customize it with several ideas in minds. First, we look at your health-related problems and decide what types of foods will help this problem to heal. Second, we decide which types of foods are right for your constitutional picture. We are all not the same, some foods are good for some people and some aren't. The third thing is that we usually make incremental changes, slowly steering your diet, and therefore your body, in the right direction to optimize health.

Nearly every patient that comes through our clinic receives a custom diet. We also look at diet as a great way to maintain the results that you received from the rest of your treatments with us minimizing the need for future care.

We are not all the same, so why should our diet be.

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