Chinese Herbs, an Important Key to Treatment

An important part of our treatment plans is often the use of Chinese herbs. This style of herbal medicine is very different than the herbal medicine of the west. The first major difference is that we do not prescribe herbs based on the disease type. For example we do not give menopause herbs or headache herbs. Instead our prescription method is to give herbs that address the root cause of a problem, not just a symptom. For example nobody has ever had a headache from an aspirin deficiency. When we tackle the problem at its root we are then able to make more permanent changes in someone's health.

A second aspect of Chinese herbal medicine that is very unique is our focus on prescribing herbs in an individual way. No two people take the exact same formula of herbs. Our individuality must be taken into consideration. So an herbalist must consider your problems, their root causes, your health history, your gender, body weight, sensitivity levels, etc.

A third aspect about Chinese herbal medicine that is unique is that we almost never give only one herb. We nearly always prescribe complex formulas of 5 to 15 different herbs in varying doses to take advantage or their symbiotic relationships and interactions in the body. This method creates an incredibly powerful tool in helping people heal.

Here at Mountain West Wellness we are very particular about the quality of herbal medicines that we use. Everything we purchase is tested multiple times to verify authenticity and purity. This is done to maximize results for our patients.

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