Free Patient Education Resources

This page has a good bunch of resources that we think are great places for patients to start in their quest for self education and healing.

Free Articles

Here are an assortment of articles on various aspects of health, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to read and share them.

Try-Acupuncture Magazine - Free Digital Magazine about acupuncture and its benefits.

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Diet Recommendations and Self Care Handouts

This page has self care downloads and other information about how to treat your organs with diet according to Chinese medical theory.  Both of these resources can help you to get heathy faster.  Homework that is worth doing.

Free Newsletter

One of the best places to also start to learn more and get health-related advice is to subscribe to our news letter.  You can do it by filling out the form on the Subscription Page.

Home Health Study Courses

We offer a series of short home study courses to improve your health and wellness on your own.  These simple courses designed by Jack Schaefer include qigong exercises, diet and lifestyle practices, and more specific to the course goals which will ultimately help you be the most vibrant you possible.  Checkout the courses or contact us for more information.

Free Meditation with Dr. Jack

Free Audio Meditation by Jack: Click on the link below to play on your computer right-click to download. 

"Four Pathway Relaxation Guided Meditation by Jack Schaefer" CD

Recipes and Chinese Tea

Recipes and Chinese Tea.  Learn about Chinese tea and some of the health benefits that can be seen by using them.

Food Properties in Chinese Medicine
Learn about various foods and the organs that they affect.