Self Care Resources

One of the best ways that you can stay healthy is to do some self care.  It can be done by using exercises, diet, acupressure and more.  Below are some self care downloads for our patients as well as links to other pages of information to help you stay healthy. 

Self-care Courses and Packages

Here you can find various course to aid in you healing journey.  The include classes to help you understand your physical organ imbalances, meditation, qigong, and a lot more. 

Booking Provided by Healthie

Booking Provided by Healthie

Diet Recommendations

First, understanding the Chinese medical diet.  Through your diagnosis we have determined what organ imbalances that you have.  To help in the process of healing you can use foods that are known to help that organ system.  This page has food lists that address your organ that are good for them.

Self Help Handouts

This group of pages are free for you to open or download to your computer.  They give you some great diet recommendations, acupressure techniques and other self care information to use for various health issues.

Headache Self Care

Eye Health

Pain and Arthritis




Internal Dampness

Sleep Issues

TMJ Self Care

Immunity Building

Diabetes Care


Sports Injuries

Cancer Care

HIV and Aids Care

High Blood Pressure

Vision Health


Stop Smoking Program