Integrative Weight Loss Program

Imagine ridding yourself of physical ailments and emotional baggage that have been haunting you for years. Imagine hearing compliments from others telling you that you look great!  Imagine experiencing life in a healthy, well-balanced body.

All of this is possible by participating in the Mountain West Wellness Integrative Weight Loss Program.

This one-on-one program is designed to treat and integrate the physical and emotional components of who you are so that you can lose weight permanently.

Led by Jack Schaefer and Erin Hallstrom our new integrative weight loss program is a unique system for losing weight that includes customized acupuncture treatments, customized herbal formulas, customized diet plans, and other novel approaches to help you lose weight fast.

Previous participants have lost an average of 15 lbs over a two month period, had better energy and a better ability to make good choices when it comes to eating.  How does it work?  Simply, we use acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a method for addressing health issues and metabolic imbalances that are leading to an inability to lose weight.  We use a customized diet and exercise program to help lose the weight, keep it off, and help you feel great.  

For more information or to participate please contact our office.

Here is what our participants have been saying:

Thank you for this amazing, life changing experience!  I could not have imagined when I first embarked upon this program what an extensively transformative experience it would end up to be for me.  It is great to be well in all aspects of my life.  Thank you!

R.M., Boulder,CO

This program was a journey of discovery.  I will have optimal health the rest of my life.

L.D., Longmont,CO

This is the most positive, healthy and successful dieting experience.  The combination of acupuncture & herbs helped me feel good about what I was doing.    Kim’s encouragement and support was a great addition as always. What a team! Thank you all so much. 

P.A., Superior,CO