Acupuncture Treatment of Insomnia

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be a very effective treatment for insomnia. Occasional insomnia is a very common problem which effects 1 in 4 Americans. Typically it happens in one or a combination of difficulty falling asleep, waking multiple times per night, waking up too early, and poor quality of sleep. The result in many people is daytime fatigue, frustration, moodiness, unclear thinking, poor memory, and poor work performance. Aside from these problems, the lack of replenishment gained by sleeping often leads to a worsening of other health concerns.

Being such a common problem there are many treatments available, but most of them involve the use of sleep medications. These medications then often cause side-effects or dependence. In addition many people have to raise the dosage of the medication to continue sleeping. However, this is just a symptomatic treatment and that is why many people have to take these medications consistently with no "cure."

In Chinese medicine we address the root so that the problem will change permanantly. This root can be highly variable, including menopause in women, anxiety, body pain, and even organ dysfunctions. An acupuncturist looks for the root of the sleep problem in trying to cure it.

We use a comprehensive treatment strategy of traditional and modern acupuncture techniques along with the best in customized herbal therapies and the dietary therapy to treat insomnia.

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