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Mountain West Wellness Health Tips, Issue #046
April 05, 2017

We Have a New Therapy

Happy April!! I hope that you are doing well with this manic depressive weather! This month we wanted to announce a new piece of equipment that we are using in our treatment strategies here in the office. It is called an Anodyne Infrared Therapy System. It is an interesting piece of equipment that has nearly 20 research studies backing its use to improve circulation. The result is decreased pain for a variety of diseases and injuries. We are already seeing pretty great results in the patients that are using it in their acupuncture treatment plans. You can learn more about it by by visiting our website were we have a couple of short videos that describe how it works. Click the Anodyne page. If you want to learn more or find out if it can help you just give us as a call and we will gladly talk to you about it. If you haven't been into the office in a while and would like to get some care we are offering a web only special. Get 3 acupuncture visits and 3 Anodyne sessions for $150. The offer expires April 15.

Don't Worry! If you are currently getting treatment for something, we will add the Anodyne to your treatment plan if necessary at no extra charge.

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Jack, Kim, Erin, Jonathan, and Lynn

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