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Mountain West Wellness Health Tips, Issue #045
February 13, 2017

Share the Love By Sharing Health

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every February we celebrate Valentines Day but it’s origin remains a mystery. Some say it originated after a Catholic priest, named Valentine, fell in love with a young girl and sent her a letter signed “from your Valentine.” Another theory is that Valentine’s Day began as a pagan fertility festival and was later watered down by the Church and turned into a festival of love.

Either way, we celebrate February 14th as a day of love with the iconic symbol of a heart at the center of it all.

So what does this have to do with Chinese medicine? In Chinese medicine the heart houses the Shen, which is sometimes described as the spirit and/or the mind. During the winter months, when the hours of sunlight are short, the weather is typically colder and very little is growing; many people develop something known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD. So perhaps, celebrating Valentine’s Day in the middle of winter is a way to keep our hearts healthy and our Shen lively. The feeling of love can permeate every cell of the body and mind. This can bring healing to those who are experiencing SAD, while helping to keep the heart healthy. Heart health is extremely important. Without a healthy heart, the body does not function properly. Equally as important is our state of mind. This is where TCM can be extremely beneficial. Acupuncture has been shown to help lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate and calm the mind.

Joy is the emotion associated with the heart in TCM. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to share the joy with everyone you love.

This Valentine’s Day don’t fret over finding the perfect card or gift. instead, share the joy by giving your loved ones the gift of good health.

For the next 2 weeks, any new patient that comes into the clinic will receive 25% off of their first office visit. This will include a consultation, evaluation and 1st acupuncture treatment.

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Jack, Kim, Erin, Jonathan, and Lynn

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