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Please help us to win the Boulder Weekly’s Best of Boulder To do this go to the Boulder Weekly’s Home page at and hit the button for the Best of Boulder. The survey will only take a few minutes to fill out. When you get to the section for Best Alternative Health Clinic go to the last option, Other, and type in Mountain West Wellness. There is another option that says Mountain Acupuncture Clinic - THAT IS NOT US! There is a time limit for this so the sooner we can do it the better! Thanks for your support!!

January Fundraiser Success

Mountain West Wellness has been committed to helping people in various ways for nearly ten years. Not only have we done this by helping people with their individual health concerns but through community activism. We typically perform between 30 and 40 free health-related workshops, lectures, and one-on-one health screenings around the Boulder county and northern Denver areas.

Our latest big fundraiser was to support Safehouse Alliance for Progressive Non-violence. Safehouse has been serving the Boulder area for many years. We had a great time and served food while Jack Schaefer and Julie Gwyther gave free acupuncture treatments, Jim Irelan gave free Chiropractic, and Lynn Swearingen gave free massages. In addition our great sponsors like Noodles and Co, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods, Pharmaca, Yoga Workshop, Curves for Women, Walgreens, Costco, and more donated many prizes for all of our participants.

In the end, though our mission is to help as many people to get healthy as we can without the use of drugs or surgeries, we cannot do the community work without your help. All I can say to you is - thank you , thank you, thank you!
All the best,
Jack Schaefer MAcOM LAc

The Benefits of Touch Through Bodywork

by Lynn Swearingen

One of my long-time clients, an older retired man, reminds me every month how much he appreciates the work I do.  He asked me if older single people ever mention how nice it is to have bodywork done, to have a regular time to receive healing and compassionate touch.  With few local family members, and a limited social life, he looks forward to his Shiatsu session with me, knowing that the work on his spine and meridians will open up his energy, refresh him, and remind him that he has the ability to receive compassionate touch.    The emotional benefits of touch run deep within us.   We begin as babies accustomed to being held and touched; it is our first introduction to people around us.   Most folks want to hand the baby around so that everyone in the family has a chance to connect.  As we grow, we greet our family and friends with hugs, patting each other on the back, reconnecting with people through touch in relationships.   Touch like this can soothe and calm us, reminding us of our secure place in the family and the world.   Massage not only soothes and balances the nervous system; it can help maintain our connection with our internal self, reassuring us that all parts of the body are where they’re supposed to be.   The effect of touch gives us feedback on the state of ourselves, both physically and emotionally.   In your busy life, ask yourself how much you allow yourself to receive this way, or even how often you convey your own compassion and comfort through a hug or a pat on the back.  Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and get a massage.

New Section on Our Web Page

We have created a section on our web page for recipes. recipes . This new section will include many foods and their energetic properties to help you with your food choices as you undergo treatment and it will include many recipes for seasonal food choices. The first section on there is a section about Chinese teas and some recipes about how to use tea as medicine. We are just getting started with it so be patient, the section will continue to grow.

Upcoming Workshops

Allergies - Treatment and Prevention

You are invited to join Julie Gwyther, L.Ac. for a talk on the treatment and prevention of allergies. On Wednesday March 24th from 6-7pm Julie will discuss common causes that lead to the development of allergies, diet and lifestyle modifications to help treat and prevent them. Family and friends are welcome. Call and RSVP as our space is limited 303-648-4066.

Self Massage Techniques by Lynn Swearingen   Here’s your chance to learn some easy self massage, acupressure points, and stress relief practices to keep you happy and healthy in between your regular massage or acupuncture sessions.    Lynn will introduce you to aspects of the style of massage and shiatsu she practices, and show you simple and safe ways to work on yourself, family or friends.  Bring a friend, and we’ll rub each other’s feet!   When: Wednesday, April 21, 6-7pm, and Wednesday, May 19, 6-7pm.

Please RSVP to Lynn at 303-902-7002 or the main office number 303-648-4066

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Stay Healthy!

Jack, Julie, Kim, Lynn, & Jim and all of our interns!