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Mountain West Wellness Health Tips, Issue #051
January 03, 2018
Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!

We hope that your holiday season was happy and healthy. We are sitting at the beginning of 2018 and hope that it will be healthy and happy for all!

We want to share that our toy drive was an amazing success. I am always amazed at the generosity of the patients and friends we have. This was the biggest toy drive yet. Additionally, we want to thank Sounds True for all of the wonderful donations that they made to you as well.

We have started giving away our free treatments this week as well, so if you know someone who is waiting for their certificate, just hang tight, they will get it this week.

We also have two other announcements for you this month as well.

Medicated Tibetan Foot Soaks

We are happy to announce that we have acquired a source of an amazing formula of herbs from Tibet. Let me give you a little background. In China and Tibet a common way to use an herbal formula is as a medicated foot soak. The beauty of this is that the transdermal delivery of the herbal ingredients bypasses the GI system and the potential side effects that might be incurred. Traditional doctors in China would often prescribe combinations of internal herbal formulas and hot medicated foot soaks for their patients to soak their feet in daily or every couple of days.

The formula that we have gotten is a very high quality and powerful formula for promoting circulation in the body. We have already seen some great benefits in the people who have been using them. We are using them for neuropathy, foot and leg pain, circulatory trouble, and more.

There are only a handful of clinics in the US who are able to get these formulas and it is because of our connections here in the states and China. The quality is pretty special and a portion of the wholesale cost is going to Tibetan orphanages in the Gansu region of China. Here is a great link to a video following some of the sustainable harvesting and field testing of these herbs.

Foot Soak Video If you would like to find out if they could be used for you give us a call or ask next time you are in.

New Year Cleans for Health

Have you been considering doing a cleanse for the new year? Want to get a jump start on your health and weight loss this year? The less toxic our bodies are the easier our organs function. Better function means better circulation and potential to heal.

We are doing a special for the next 21 days we have a cleansing special to offer you. The program consists of two of the Tibetan Medicated Foot Soaks, a 14 prescription strength cleansing program from Designs For Health, and a liver detox acupuncture treatment. Separately these would all cost $275. We are putting this together for you for only $200.

If you want to do it please let us know ASAP, there is no need to wait. AND Jack, Kim, and Erin are all doing it as well!

New Clinic Phone Number - 303-499-1633

For years we have had multiple phone numbers here in the office. As of October we streamlining our phone system to just one number. So grab a pen and take note, the number that we are using now is 303-499-1633.

Additionally, we are also now using a 24 hour answering service. The goal with this is to give YOU better service. By using this service when we can't answer the phone we will get better quality messages much faster. That way you don't have to wait as long for a return call.

Again, take note, the new number is 303-499-1633

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Stay Healthy!

Jack, Kim, Erin, Jonathan, and Lynn

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