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Mountain West Wellness Health Tips, Issue #036
January 11, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! By now I am sure that you are starting to get into the swing of 2016, even if you are still writing 2015 in your checks... I know I am.

January Qigong Classes

We have some mini - qigong workshops scheduled for January. On January 16 from 11:00am-12:30pm I will be teaching the "Eight storing and Moving Qi exercises." $35 This is a wonderful general health form that is suitable for anyone wanting a personal qigong practice to be more healthy and improve their immune system and relaxation responses.

On Jan 23 from 9-11am I will be teaching an "Inner Strength and Prostate Health Qigong Form." $35 This form is specifically for men to increase inner vitality, energy, and improve prostate health.

Then from 11:00- 12:00 we will have the "Eight Storing and Moving Qi Exercises." This one hour review is open to anyone who has studied this form with me before. Spaces will be limited for all of these workshops. I you attend the workshop in Jan. 16 this is free. If you are coming for review it is a $10 donation for the space rental.

Please call the office 303-648-4066 or email to register.

5 Ways to Help Women's Fertility

Egg health Getting pregnant can be frustrating when it isn’t happening as easily as planned. There are many reasons you could be dealing with a difficult pregnancy including egg health. There are many factors that play into egg health including blood circulation, stress and hormonal balance. For improving blood and oxygen flow, try to get some sort of exercise whether it is yoga, running or simply going on a brisk walk at least three times a week. Ask a massage therapist about abdominal massage, which can increase blood flow to the reproductive system. Stress can also play a very important factor in egg health. Find ways to destress with meditation practices, acupuncture and deep breathing.

Hormonal balance Hormonal imbalances in women are common and can result in weight gain, fatigue, skin problems, infertility and PMS. Hormones are an important part to our body’s growth and development, mood, reproduction and metabolism. To keep your body in balance, avoid high omega-6 polyunsaturated fats that are found in vegetable oils. Reduce your caffeine intake. Too much caffeine can have a negative impact on the endocrine system. Most importantly, make sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. When the body does not get enough rest, hormones cannot regulate.

Breast health There are many reasons that some women have a higher risk of breast cancer including both genetics and environmental impacts. Research has shown that keeping a diet of fresh, unprocessed foods can help the health of breast tissue. Chemical exposure from foods as well as other environmental factors have been shown to be high in women who have breast cancer. Foods to eliminate from your diet include highly processed foods, additives, canned foods and soy. Avoiding foods that are high in hormones and adding foods that are packed with antioxidants such as berries can help lower your risk of breast cancer.

Metabolism Many women feel their metabolism has slowed over the years, making it harder to break down and burn calories and fat. Try adding more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet such as salmon and tuna. Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to help regulate blood sugar and lower inflammation, which can then improve metabolic function. Increasing strength training can also help give the metabolism a boost. The more muscle you have, the more your resting metabolism will increase to burn fat. Lastly, eating breakfast has been shown to give your metabolism a jump start for the day compared to eating your first meal later in the day.

Immune health Don’t let the cold and flu season get you down this year. There are many natural ways to boost your immune system to prevent illness and to improve energy levels. Assess your stress levels and take action if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Spend some time practicing deep breathing or finding an activity that you find relaxing. Try adding in more garlic and ginger to your diet. These natural ingredients contain properties that help boost the immune system and lower cold and flu symptoms.,,20306911_7,00.html

Kidney and Bladder Health in Chinese Medicine

The kidney is an especially important organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not only does it flush out the unwanted toxins from our body, but is believed to support the body’s reproductive system as well as regulate the circulation of fluids in the body.

In TCM, the kidney is the source of yin and yang, the cooling and warming energies that keep your body in balance.

When the kidney/bladder system is weak and not functioning properly, this can result in different problems and imbalances throughout the body.

Complications include: • problems with fertility, conception, pregnancy • multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy • weakness of hearing and vision • weakness in teeth and hair loss

A common issue that many people experience related to the kidney is an overactive bladder. TCM has been treating this problem for more than 2,000 years. Acupuncture and TCM work by addressing the problem as a whole. When the body is experiencing urinary problems, it means there is an imbalance throughout the body.

When there are problems with the kidneys, there is a deficiency of the body’s natural energy flow, called qi. Acupuncture treats the specific issue, such as an overactive bladder, by correcting the overall imbalance in the body. Once your qi is returned back to its natural state of balance, the kidney/bladder system will begin to function as it should.

Acupuncture also helps the kidneys by stimulating more blood circulation, which then improves overall function as well as lowers blood pressure.

Kidney disease is often related to immune problems. Through stimulation of blood flow and focusing on specific acupuncture points on the body, acupuncture can boost the immune system.

Herbs for kidney health:

Green tea: Green tea has been used for thousands of years for its many health benefits. The tea contains antioxidants that can prevent prostate, liver and colon cancer. Green tea also contains diuretic properties as well as reduces cholesterol and fatty deposits.

Hydrangea Root: Hydrangea is a common root that can have great benefits for the kidneys. The plant increases the body’s use of calcium, which helps lower the risk of kidney stones.

Ginger: Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants that help break down toxins in the body and keep the kidneys running smoothly. Try drinking at least one cup of ginger tea or ginger lemon tea to see improvements in kidney function.

Kidney and bladder health are very important for overall wellness. Contact an acupuncturist to learn more how acupuncture and TCM can get your body back on track and improve your quality of life.

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