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Mountain West Wellness Health Tips, Issue #020
February 13, 2013

Happy New Year, Chinese new year that is and thanks for subscribing to our newsletter. On February 10th we entered what is called on the Chinese lunar calendar the Year of the Water Snake. Every year, using this astrological, model has various predictions and each animal comes around every twelve years. You might have seen your animal sign on a placemat in a Chinese restaurant sometime. This year is supposed to be a good year for the most part. If you were born in a Rooster, Dog, or OX year it should be a great year for you. If you were born in a Horse, Monkey, Rat, Rabbit, or Dragon year it will be an ok year. Unfortunately for Bears, Goats, Snakes, and Tigers it won't be the best year. Nothing to fear though, all signs go through ups and downs in various years. The best thing to do is maintain balance in all aspects of your life. The snake is an animal that sheds its skin, which signals new developments, new ideas, and growth. While not always painless, the end result is often positive. Generally people are predicting that the first half of the year will be good for financial markets and the best part of the year. The second half of the year will be less positive for financial markets. It shouldn't be negative, just that the power of the year is starting to wane. Lastly, be prepared to be on your guard. The year of the snake usually holds more potential for deception. Make smart and educated choices this year. Do your research, especially when going into partnership, signing contracts, and making deals. Don't avoid them, just be cautious. Happy New Year!

Natural Solutions to Low Energy and Fatigue

How can I get more energy? That is one of the most common questions that I hear on a daily basis. 20% of Americans claim to have fatigue that is intense enough to interfere with their having a normal life. (Is this you?) 80% of American women will suffer from Adrenal Fatigue. (Could this be you?) 50% of adults who seek medical treatment complain of feeling tired all the time. MOST ARE Women. Fatigue seems to be an epidemic! In a study the prevalence of fatigue was 37.9%. Of workers with fatigue, 65.7% reported health-related Lost Productive Time compared with 26.4% of those without fatigue. Workers with fatigue cost employers 136.4 billion dollars annually in health-related Lost Productive Time, an excess of 101.0 billion dollars compared with workers without fatigue. Fatigue frequently co-occurs with other conditions and, when present, is associated with a threefold increase, on average, in the proportion of workers with condition-specific Lost Productive Time.

What can you do?

FIrst - manage your stress. Address the causes of your stress and eliminate what you can - simplify your life. Try meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, or Qigong to balance your nervous system. Exercise, sleep, eat right and say “NO” to people.

Second - Take good supplements. Take a good quality multi-vitamin. When it comes to vitamins price is somewhat of a measure as to the quality of the vitamin. Those very cheap little tiny pills tend to not be very absorbable. I have seen them over and over in x-rays of people’s abdomens, just passing through the colon. The best vitamins are usually powdered and taken in capsules or liquids, this makes them much easier for your body to break them down. Aside from a high quality multi-vitamin, making sure that you are getting enough vitamin B, including B12, vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, and Co Q10 can greatly improve your energy.

Third - Take Quick Walks. California State University found that a 10 minute walk is enough to increase energy, alter mood, and effect a positive outlook for up to 2 hours.

Fourth - Get some sun. Sunshine produces vitamin D which helps prevent Type 2 diabetes, reduces cancer risks, strengthens bones, boosts immunity, improves metabolism, reduces stroke risk, helps with eye health.

Fifth - Take a power nap. Research has shown that both information overload and pushing our brains too hard can zap energy. But studies by the National Institutes of Mental Health found that a 60-minute "power nap" can not only reverse the mind-numbing effects of information overload, it may also help us to better retain what we have learned.

Sixth - Laugh more. Research conducted at Loma Linda University showed that comedy lowers the body’s level of stress, thereby lowering blood pressure and increasing white blood cells and your immunity.

Seventh - Don't skip breakfast. Studies show that folks who eat breakfast report being in a better mood, and have more energy throughout the day. Moreover, studies published in the journal Nutritional Health found that missing any meal during the day led to an overall greater feeling of fatigue by day's end.

Eighth - Drink more water and less alcohol. You may already know that it's easy to confuse signals of hunger with thirst (we think we need food when we really need water). But did you know that thirst can also masquerade as fatigue? "Sometimes, even slight dehydration can leave you feeling tired and lethargic," says nutritionist Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD, an associate professor at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York and author of The Uncle Sam Diet. The solution is simple: a tall, cool glass of water. This is particularly important to boost energy after exercise, when your body is likely to be craving fluids, Ayoob says.

Ninth - Turn the TV off and go to bed. How much sleep we need varies between individuals but generally changes as we age. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that school-age children (5-10 years) need 10-11 hours of sleep daily, teens (10-17 years) need 8.5-9.5 hours, and adults need 7-9 hours. (NSF - How much sleep do we really need?). According to data from the National Health Interview Survey, nearly 30% of adults reported an average of less than 6 hours of sleep per day in 2005-2007. In 2009, only 31% of high school students reported getting at least 8 hours of sleep on an average school night.

Tenth - Play more. Increase energy, Foster creativity, learning, and flexibility, Prevent loneliness, depression, and anxiety, Help heal emotional wounds, Refresh your mind, Decrease stress. Play and exercise can be the same! Eleventh - Get evaluated. Out of balance organ systems can lead to a long term chronic fatigue that never really gets better. This fatigue can actually be a check engine light. Get a check up to see if there is something physical that can be nudged back into place to beat the fatigue. - Jack

Free Fatigue and Energy Evaluations February 15-28

Do you know someone who has a hard time getting up in the morning and is always tired?
Do you know someone who would like to increase their energy level and feel more vibrant?
Please share this questionnaire with them so they can see for themselves how detrimental fatigue can be and how not having enough energy can adversely affect their lives.
We are offering friends and family members of our patients who would like to increase their energy maximize their physical stamina and feel more productive a chance to eradicate chronic fatigue or low energy and improve the daily lives.
For one week only we are offering a FREE Energy and Fatigue Consultation & Evaluation to anyone who wants help with this health issue ($50.00 value). In addition to this assessment, they will have the chance to discuss their specific health concerns and have their health related questions answered. This opportunity is being offered on a first come – first served basis and appointments are limited, so if you know someone who might be interested, please pass this on to them.
This February give yourself the chance to get healthy and change your life!

Greetings From Lynn

Greetings from Lynn!  I am pleased to return to practice at Mountain West Wellness!  During the last year and a half I have been through several life changing experiences, most of them positive and wonderful.  The greatest shift was having two total hip replacements last summer.  I sailed through surgery and recovery with flying colors, and my new flexibility and mobility feels fantastic.

I also had the opportunity to help a couple of friends negotiate their own surgeries, providing emotional and spiritual support as well as massage.   Being part of someone else’s transition process is honoring, enlightening, and validating of my own healing momentum.  Having run the gamut of emotional and physical issues has reminded me that my clients bring the same to the table – that each massage or energy healing is a chance to touch on an amazing range of information waiting for a hello.

Whether your session with me is purely for relaxation or a sore back, know that my healing intention is focused on any underlying energies that are awaiting attention and asking for an easy and graceful shift.  I look forward to talking to you about my techniques and modalities, or find out more about me at    I’ll be offering $10 off my usual fee of $75 for your first session with me, so call the office soon!

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Stay Healthy!

Jack, Kim, Nicky, and Lynn and all of our interns! - Naomi, and Sarah

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