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Natural Solutions to Treating Menopause

Ask any woman and she will tell you that the inevitable onset of menopause is viewed with mixed emotions. On the one hand, the cessation of the monthly menstrual cycle is often a welcome relief, yet the prospect of menopause and what is to come can be very daunting to say the least. Some women appear to walk through it with ease, and others find menopause a nightmare. While we understand that menopause is a natural occurrence signaling that our body chemistry is shifting, we are nonetheless filled with questions and confusion. Women are bombarded with conflicting information from their female friends and family members, the media and the medical community making it difficult to know what to do and who to believe.

One area that causes the most confusion is the debate over Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). While they have many positive effects, such as reducing hot flashes and helping to prevent osteoporosis, they also increase the risk of stroke, hypertension, as well as breast, ovarian and uterine cancers. Aside from these risks hormone therapy is not guaranteed to work.

It is also important to note that our food supply, mostly notably, milk, cheese and meat are often high in estrogen or “estrogen like” substances due to the hormones and antibiotics given to animals, plastics, etc. Just as disturbing are the environmental estrogens found in plastics, for example, that leak into our system adversely affecting our hormonal balance. These chemicals, in a concentrated form, are passed on to us causing all kinds of problems with our natural hormonal state. This can be clearly seen in the disturbing trend of young girls getting their menstrual cycle and developing breasts earlier and earlier. Precocious puberty, as this phenomenon is called, can be directly related to the increase of hormones found in animal products.

There are a myriad of natural solutions with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine being one of the most effective. Acupuncturists recognize that menopause, with its myriad of symptoms, indicates a naturally induced imbalance within the body. One example is the slowing down of the flow of Yin energy which regulates the bodies cooling system. As a result, the body’s natural heat arises leading to night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, heart palpitations, and insomnia. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help minimize and/or completely stop these symptoms and help return the body to a balanced and harmonious state.

Chinese medicine, an ancient and highly refined art has proven to be very effective in the treatment of menopause. Acupuncture offers women a safe, natural, drug-free alternative to western medicine that is effective without life threatening side effects. Equally as important, treatment is customized to meet the individualized needs of each woman and may include a combination of the following therapies: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bodywork, lifestyle/dietary changes, exercise, Qi Gong and meditation. In addition, your acupuncturist may suggest supplementing your treatment with supplements such as, calcium/magnesium, vitamins C & E, Black Cohosh and Dong Quai. While all of these can be found over the counter, it is best to consult a professional for guidance to get the best results.

If you, or someone you know is going through menopause or wrestling with hormonal issues, give us a call at 303-648-4066 to schedule a Free consultation and health evaluation valued at $50.00.

Let us help you eliminate the unwanted physical symptoms and life interfering emotional challenges associated with menopause. This offer expires September 15, 2011.

Free Menopause and Hormone Information

For the next 4 weeks we are happy to provide anyone you know who is suffering from menopausal symptoms we are happy to send them free information about treating it. Just let us know and we can mail it to them or we can get it to you to give them. Remember, our mission is to help as many people as possible and you can help us do it. Thanks!

What is Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis?

Traditional Chinese Medical pulse diagnosis may be a foreign concept to you. For those of us used to the western medical model, having our pulses taken is traditionally used to determine our heart rate. In Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis is elevated to a whole new level.

Pulse diagnosis is one of the primary diagnostic tools used by Chinese medical practitioners to assess your general state of health. Pulse diagnosis may seem very foreign to us and hard to believe in at first, they are amazingly accurate. A good practitioner can even use it to analyze the gender of a baby in a pregnant woman. While the complexities and intricacies of pulse diagnosis are vast and take years of study to perfect and thoroughly understand, a basic overview is helpful in understanding this integral component of the acupuncture treatment.

Traditionally the wrist pulses are taken at the beginning of each appointment. By feeling the pulses in both of the right and left wrists, a determination can be made as to the general health of your body and its organs systems. The system we use was originally documented about 2000 years ago and then finally codified as a system by the famous doctor Li Shi-zhen in the 1500s. The practitioner is not just looking at your pulse rate, but also how fast, how strong, etc. In all there are twenty eight basic qualities are assessed and varying factors such as your age, gender and the seasonal influences are taken into account. In combination, all of this information is used to derive a diagnosis of internal imbalances of energy, blood, and your organs. Thus, a proper course of treatment can be assumed.

While pulse diagnosis may seem strange, rest assured, its long history of cultivation and exploration has elevated it to a fine art. Chinese medicine as a whole has been developing for more than 2,500 years and during that time this health assessment tool has proved itself to be very accurate.

Upcoming Events

September 9 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm Discount Pain Clinic This is a new clinic we are offering to treat pain. It is open to all of our patients - current, past, and new. If you want to come get something treated feel free to just show up, no appointment needed. For more information please just call or email the office.

September 10 - 12:00-1:00pm Natural Solutions to Menopause Jack Schaefer will be doing a free lecture and informational session here at the office about natural solutions to treating menopause. We will have lots of information, take home sheets, and FOOD! Please RSVP and feel free to bring a friend. To get on the list please email or call.

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