Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is one of Chinese medicine's oldest ways of treatment. Writings mention this way of helping people heal from problems can be found as far back as 28AD. However, cupping has been exported from China for centuries and was used in many European countries and even America.

In fact, Jack tells a story about while he was practicing in Portugal. An 80 year old patient of his told him that her grandmother used to use cupping therapy on her when she was a little girl.

Contrary to its appearance, cupping does not hurt, in fact it feels much like getting a good massage. Many people, after having this treatment one time, begin requesting it.

Since the skin of our body is the largest organ containing blood, nerves etc, and it is in contact with the outside world it can be thought of as a mirror of our health.

Cupping is done by creating a negative air pressure inside a sterile glass cup to draw stagnant blood and energy to that area. From there your body is able to normalize circulation. Cupping is often viewed as being a bit like massage.

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