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We constantly get asked by patients about different resources they can access themselves. What books we recommend, meditation CDs, recipes, tea etc. This page has a good bunch of resources that we think are great places for patients to start in their quest for self education and healing.


Here are an assortment of articles on various aspects of health, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine

Books, DVDs, and CDs

Interesting in Meditation? - Try this product from Centerpointe

Coming soon "Chinese Essence Qigong" DVD and "Four Pathway Relaxation Guided Meditation" CD

The Web That Has No Weaver

The Tao of Healthy Eating

The Paleo Diet

Healing With Whole Foods

Keeping Your Child Healthy With Chinese Medicine

Recipes, Tea Food Properties, and Other Information

Recipes and Chinese Tea
Food Properties in Chinese Medicine

Other Resources

Links to other websites

more to come...

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